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Reg & Ron Robot take a humerous look at failed ideas & inventions submitted to the BBC2 Dragons Den TV show
Create a fake diploma, transcript or recommendation letter. Choose from a variety of universities and degrees.
A website that shows all of the cartoons that Justin Turner has made. These include Baby Rabbits, Farting Phil, Easter Egg Factory, Musical Pencils, Ed, Car Maniac, Monster In Town and White Light
Irreverent satire site
Kids Website for the Action and Adventure TV Show 'Friends and Heroes' which is on CBBC
Childrens comic magazine
a new web site that is a docusoap for kids set in a kitchen drawer. It is a puppet based show with an occassional live chef and it is called The Utensils. It includes simple healthy recipes and is aim
Restore your virginity online! Free online virginity restoration from - Wear white at your wedding, have fun playing with action figures, bring your number down!
E-cards to demotivate friends with. T shirts & Posters. Helping to make Fridays feel like Mondays.
A collection of some 1000 jokes in more then 100 categories like men jokes, country jokes, yo momma jokes, office jokes and more.
Jokes, Pictures, Limericks, al sorts of extremely funny humour
This is a community site that has lots of funny pics and clean fun on it, come join us
A place to share my favourite jokes, quotes and sayings and somewhere to ramble on about the meaning of life, the universe and everything else.
Comedy DVDS, films and reviews of the bestselling comedy dvds
Having over 30 years experience in the comic industry as artist & writer, join Kazybrid & Wooding on their journey, as armed only with ignorance, humour, and cartoons, they seek out the paranormal.
Boutique Comedy Clubs in the UK and Worldwide - Find out latest information on shows, line-ups, locations etc.
An audio book, musical, adventure story, with animated videos, amazing sound effects and music, this is a children's talking book like no other, available online, on CD, readalong or download.
Office Humor Website with Office Jokes, Funny Office Videos, Office Games, Quotes, Comics and Pranks.
A compilation exhibiting the epic failures of search engine's auto complete feature.
A UK humour site full of funny pictures, animated GIFS and videos clips.

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