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Genuine English grown and English native hedging, herbaceous plants, trees, fruit trees, grown in the traditional way by skilled nurserymen
Enviromat is the low maintenance, drought tolerant, wildlife friendly way to bring colour and life into your garden. Lay it on the ground or put it on top of the shed, it lends itself to all manner o
Offering fine quality collections of flower,vegetable & herb seeds. Great gift for gardeners.
UK suppliers of Bonsai trees and Bonsai tools and sundries, we are also experts in Bonsai tree care.
A wide range of Carnivorous plants available by mail order, from the Venus fly trap through to some of the more unusual Nepenthes from South East Asia 9 Times Chelsea Gold Medal winner.
Organically grown willows available in easy to build kits to build archways, dome's and smaller childrens wigwams and playrooms, willow cuttings and rods available as ornamental, winter color.
Robert Mattock Roses. We grow one of the most extensive list of old roses in europe. Old, classic garden and english roses. Container grown roses a speciality.
Expanding encyclopedia of manís and the planetís interrelationship with plants. It embraces historical/modern plant usage, practices, influence and unusual properties, and common names.
Leading mail order fruit plants and fruit trees stockist, offering an unsurpassed choice of Ministry Certified plants and unparalleled advice and guidance.
Country garden roses are an online roses supplier, you can order your roses online and we will get them delivered to your door.
Offers large indoor plants and houseplants. Selling a diverse range of indoor plants including large cane plants, moss pole, ficus plants and a selection of palm plants to the UK., 'the home of Grow-Your-Own', has everything you need to successfully grow your own fruit and vegetables, including veg plants & seeds, raised beds, planters & kits for beginners.
Aquamation are irrigation specialists selling irrigation products online. A wealth of knowledge and experience is available and are able to advise or design any irrigation system large or small.

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