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Geoffrey Schofield MIAH DHyp MISMA AHA,of the Alexander Practice in Nottingham & Derby, a specialist in Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis providing effective therapy for help with stopping smoking. A complete
BBC Interview Clinical Hypnotherapist and journalist tries Hypnosis for her self see who she gets on visit Midlands most sussessful therapy Centre
Find out the easy ways to stop smoking, stop smoking without the nicotine cravings.
We offer smoking cessation products, including Champix, and advice online
E Cigs Electronic Cigarettes are the new safer way to smoke without the 4000 harmful toxins in normal cigarettes. Produces vapour that looks like smoke and gives the same nicotine hit to the lungs.
The liquid nicotine, tobacco free, electronic cigarette, delivers nicotine body in exactly the same as a normal cigarette, but without the harmful side effects of tobacco.
A complete guide to Quitting Nicotine
The Electronic Cigarette also known as vapourette, E-Cig or E-Cigarette, personal vaporizer is a much better alternative than Nicotine patches or inhalers to help you quit or stop smoking.
Electronic Cigarettes, Cartridges & Accessories Supplier to Retail Customers and Agents.
An insight to the health challenges caused by smoking and advice to help you stop.

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