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Vendora Affiliate Program

Increase your revenue, increase your traffic.

Unlike conventional affiliate schemes that pay you for driving traffic away from your site, the Vendora affiliate scheme not only pays you for referrals, but also drives traffic to your site !  Each clickthru from your site increases your priority in Vendora

As well as earning up to 50% commission and driving traffic to your site, affiliating with Vendora can also add valuable content to your site.

We have an affiliate method to suit your goals, from simple text links through to XML search integration.

In addition, we offer comprehensive real-time reporting. Signup here »

Here are some ways to affiliate with us:

Search box
Add a simple branded search box to your site.

Context sensitive ads
Let calculate the most relevant ads for your site.

Refer advertisers
Earn 10% commission for life on advertisers you refer to

Text or Image links
Simple text link earns referral credits and commission on any advertisers you refer.

XML / RSS feed
Embed our search results into your search results.

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